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About Us

Since 2008, Imobest specializes in the construction of industrial buildings and commercail spaces in Romania. The company emanates from a group of Spanish companies with decades of experience in the construction sector in Europe. Its main objective is to transfer the quality and functionality of the concept of a typical Spanish Industrial Park to an emerging country like Romania, creating thus a reliable and transparent commercial space for international companies to expand their business in Romania.
Romania, with its 22 million inhabitants, is one of the emerging countries of Eastern Europe with one of the highest growth potential. Therefore, the industrial parks built by Imbobest are primarily addressed to small and medium businesses, that need commercial spaces to develop their business in the vicinity of the capital, Bucharest, providing optimal conditions for any company, i.e.its preferred logistic situation. Imobest provides modular commercial spaces to meet the individual needs of all types of businesses, whether they are offices, transport companies, warehouses or stores.

Imobest Rom, SRL
A1 Highway (Bucharest – Pitest), km. 23 – 400th, Ithaca Street 087015 BOLINTIN DEAL (Jud. Giurgiu) Romania
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